Welcome to Ottawa Schools Solar Sprint

The Solar Sprint competition is an annual event open to all grade 6, 7 and 8 students attending Ottawa schools. Students from participating Ottawa area schools, have to design and build at least one vehicle that will complete a 20-meter long race (run in a straight line) as fast as possible. The school team whose vehicle is the top finisher in a series of head-to-head races is the winner. The Solar Sprint Competition is designed to introduce students to technology as a means to help the environment. Students will investigate solar power as an alternate source of energy for the race cars they design. It is hoped that in doing so, they will gain a better appreciation for not only solar power, but also the design efficiencies necessary to make the most of this free, clean, source of energy.

How To Participate

  • Registration

    All Ottawa Schools are welcome to register for the Ottawa Schools Solar Sprint Competition.

  • Volunteers

    The Ottawa Schools Solar Sprint is driven through the generosity of volunteers. Please help us make this a great event.

  • Manuals

    Access all the manuals required to participate in the Ottawa Schools Solar Sprint Challenge and build your solar car.